The Journey to 2020 begins…

Evil is often stupid and always boring, always so bloody boring…


These posts on this blog will mostly express political views I’ve picked up over the years, mostly based on my experience of the American political system ~ Whether or not the clowns of Washington deny it until the day we all meet in Hades I’m Ohio born and had a very rough form of fascist bastardry pointed in my direction from day one, a murdered birth mother and baby sister in tandem with physical torture and abduction from my place of birth, taken to the lucky country to eventually wind up working in a pedo snuff movie x brothel the Central Intelligence ran for Odessa in the South Australian capital city of Adelaide ~ In quick order there was a successful attempt to emotionally manipulate me over my baby sister’s murder in 1960 followed by my step mother being pretty badly hurt in a deliberate car accident in 1961 with another successful attempt to manipulate me after a Russian born German tortured me and teased me over the torture murders of both my baby sister and birth mother in 1962 a year or so later, that literally sent me Satanic if you will, off to the dark side spiritually to try to find something which held the Luciferin Masonic shit doing this stuff in the same contempt that I’d felt for them, successfully I’d add, just note that they’d already started pimping my 4 y\o ass by that time which isn’t insignificant however they soon upped the ante ~ Around that time in 1962 when that Russian born German Masonic pig had physically tortured me and teased me over my birth mother’s and (Twin) baby sister’s murders one of my birth mother’s acquaintances was also murdered and those in the Central Intel who were pimping me tried to make me feel like it was my fault, they failed but it was indicative of where things were going ~ Then in 1963 after two kids my own age had (Literally) been dissected in front of me my step mother was severely beaten with an iron bar simply for teaching me the dictionary meanings of words which had allowed me to begin to form a mind that could argue and reason on a level with any adult over anything ~ The provocations didn’t stop there tho because in 1964 my very first Faux girlfriend Monika whom America’s 9\11 Defense Secretary had been screwing at the time was shot dead in front of me in cold blood by the very same Knight of Malta Freemason who eventually became America’s illegal German born 41st president, a man who also became the one ramrodded the entire Sept 11 Coup on the US Constitution ~ Thus as a rational little man with step parents who encouraged me to think things thru and draw my own conclusions even by age 7 years personally I’d already had sound reason to get politically aware and take an active interest in the larger world so as to get a sound handle on precisely what had created such a dire situation so very early in life ~ This isn’t a sob story, it’s much more than that, it’s simply a series of facts meant to allow the reader to better judge the perspectives I’ll attempt to place before them in the lead up to the November 6 or November 20 2020 or whatever circus that seems to have already started in earnest ~ In context I’ve gotta admit despite witnessing at least 20 child murders by age 13 years including the outright torture murders of 9 coal black Aboriginal baby girls I’d always found evil to be very bloody boring, for that reason alone these last 57 years really sucked, they sucked large, evil is always so very bloody boring, at least to me it was, and it still is too…

You’re not who you say you are America…

And you probably never were either…


3 thoughts on “The Journey to 2020 begins…

  1. Gee, wonder if the safety and security of the American people is still bleeding from the butt, maybe you could put a sticky plaster on it and ask Washington to kiss it better? 😉


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